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Pete is professional, conscientious and always fun to be around. He is hugely knowledgable and passionate about sport psychology and his approach is well researched and thought out. He is going to make a huge difference to the lives and careers of so many athletes.
— Ed Corrie, former professional tennis player
Ed Corrie's testimonial for sport psychologist, Pete Jackson

Pete Jackson is a pleasure to work with. His approach to client work in sport and business is creative, yet straight-forward. He uses his wide range of skills and experience to create maximum performance impact in the shortest time possible. I recommend him to you.
— Dr. Brian Hemmings, C.Psychol; AFBPsS; FBASES HCPC Registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist

Richard Coward, Captain of Devon Ultimate - Sport Psychology Testimonial
I asked Pete to help Devon Ultimate on our journey through from pre-season training to the World Championships, the pinnacle of our sport. He was fantastic from the first time he met the team at one of our training sessions, taking time to talk to the captains about our expectations and desires, to speaking to each of the players individually to find out exactly what they were hoping to gain from his involvement. He was attentive and took the time to research our relatively unknown sport to gain a deeper understanding of how he could help. We had regular meetings where Pete formulated a course of action directly suited to our playing style and personalities. He discussed every aspect of his plans with us (the Captains), and helped us release and deliver these to the players for maximum impact. He gave us tools to use as individuals and as captains which I have no doubt improved our performance and helped us to achieve what we did in America and over the course of the season. I will certainly be using some of the techniques we learnt in the years to come. I would wholeheartedly recommend Pete to other teams in our sport and in other sports. He was fantastic to work with.
— Richard Coward, Captain, Devon Ultimate

After having a great season in 2017, 2018 couldn’t have gone any differently. Multiple crashes really knocked my confidence, and I was soon in a spiral, unsure of what to do, having seemingly exhausted other avenues. Over three or four sessions, Pete (very patiently) sat down with me, and asked simple but very specific questions. We drew diagrams, and before long, I was realising my issue. And, it wasn’t me, it was actually a setting I’d put in my bike a few months ago, and it had been incorrect. I’d ruled out anything wrong with my kit/bike, but Pete had found the problem!

I’m in my early 30s. Until this year I was under the impression that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. This was especially so when it came to sports psychology. Myth Busted! From day 1 Pete offered a completely refreshing perspective on everything we discussed. He quickly grasped the essence of my sport and the mental challenges it created for the team and me personally. Over a number of sessions Pete introduced different tools and techniques that I could employ before and during a game. The result for me was that I was better equipped to deal with the big game moments and control the associated pressure. Thank you Pete for all your support and help!