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Sport Psychology: Sport psychologists can also work over Skype

Support Delivered Online and Face to Face

The first thing athletes or coaches might type in to Google is "Sport Psychologist Near Me" or to be accurate in my case “Trainee Sport Psychologist near me”- but not everyone lives near a qualified practitioner, others may live in a remote area of the UK, while some live in a country where Sport Psychology or performance psychology is non-existent. 

This is why many practitioners are offering, and many clients are choosing to liaise over online or Skype. It is flexible, and still retains that human element that makes the consultations much more effective than over the phone.

If London is too far for you, and Skype consultations do not appeal - please consult the BPS directory of chartered psychologists or this directory by Accredited Sport Professionals. There is also a list of Sport Psychology practitioners on the Believe Perform website.